flambeau forest inn

Rich Outdoor Surroundings...

Flambeau Forest Inn lies right in between Lake of the Pines and Connors Lake.

Below are links that lead to further information on the two lakes.

Lake of the Pines

Connors Lake

The Flambeau Forest Inn lies within the Flambeau River State Forest, offering even more outdoor recreational opportunities!

Below is a link to the Wisconsin DNR site for more information on the Flambeau River State Forest

Wisconsin DNR: Flambeau River State Forest

We have Live Bait for sale on premises:

Leeches, Worms & Crawlers

-The Flambeau Forest Inn is also a DNR Registration Site

-We have gas for Snowmobiles for sale on premesis.

-Guide Services for all hunting and fishing available. Please call for more information.

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